Monday, September 06, 2010

Hiruma Yoichi Cosplay

Hiruma Yoichi Cosplay Pictures

Hiruma Yoichi Cosplay Images

Hiruma Yoichi Eyeshield 21 Cosplay

Name: Youichi Hiruma
Grade: 2 High School High School Demon
Ability: Can Analyze Capabilities Opponent With Right
Position: Quarter Back (Captain)

Yoichi Hiruma is the captain of this football team. She has pointy ears and sharp teeth and resembles the devil. He also always carried weapons fire everywhere.
Look at this Hiruma cosplay. He really looks like the original Hiruma. Yellow hair, eyes sharp, pointy teeth (like a vampire ^ ^), bringing firearms as well. This cosplay is good. The first picture is wearing her school uniform cosplay hiruma the Deimon High School. Second picture hiruma sports uniform. Yaa ~ ~ Haaaaa!! (Favorite Quotes)

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