Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great Theacer Onizuka - Anime Review


Eikichi Onizuka, age 22, is a former motorcycle gang leader who came to Tokyo six years ago with his friend in the hope of making something in his life. He was not too far away, but she just graduated from college now and has found his calling: To be the largest ever high school teachers - Great Teacher Onizuka.Of course, there are some small issues to work out - he's foul-mouthed, had a problem with authority, issues of anger management, and he was more interested in the students' short skirts rather than passing along the hard earned wisdom to them. But Onizuka not give up easily, and in-your face how to get things done might just make a better teacher than he has a right to it.


Great Teacher Onizuka effectively mixes humor with a little obscene excess, a large number of funny scenes involving Onizuka's stable of love-lost-with-attitude persona, wild collection of the existing situation prime-time comedy will be proud to sport, and shot rigid hard-hitting comment on the issues surrounding the modern youth and frightening their education. The result is sometimes touching, sometimes eyebrow-raising, and always very funny. Add to a clean, effective art, directing and writing quality, and truly spectacular Japanese dialogue, and you've got an instant classic. My only complaint is that the dub, though not bad, a bit dirty and a bit of disappointment when compared with the sub.

Character is what makes almost every good comedy anime GTO work and no exception, featuring outstanding large from small players. With everything from anime-standard-biker gang member is far more normal Onizuka people like former car dealership and a variety of dysfunctional parental relationships, running character starting from broad stereotypes and funny to surprise your favorite anime realistic ordinary people day. What stands out in particular, though, is children who Onizuka must deal with - far from the stereotype of anime schoolgirl blush, the majority of these normal-looking children of the world-wise and has a malignant line which can be really scary, especially since the tactic they are rarely as simple as just as violent. In addition to being an accurate reflection of modern Japan's sad, it does not make an interesting change of pace, as well as Onizuka is less than the conventional method of dealing with them.

This eclectic collection allows for lots of funny situations while also providing a serious heart gives emotional circuits. In the midst of them all, however, is none other than Grand Master himself, and this Eikichi Onizuka, more than anything, what makes it fun as GTO.

Onizuka at first might seem like a simple skirt hunters, but there are oh-so-much-more to him than the average skirt-chasing creep, although the TV version is less character development than in the comics. On the one hand, its main interest in teaching seems to be a (female) students (and fellow teachers, in this case), and he must have wandering eyes, summarized in a hilarious scene early on where he filled the survey a whole school with a girl - high school girls - the pot was captioned with "There's little boy, but he only saw the girls." On the other hand, he's hard Karate champion driving with a lot of badass biker gang leader for his support. In between, he was an emotionally fragile loser with no life, lack of social skills, a good heart, and an honest desire to give children a better educational experience than he has.

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