Thursday, December 24, 2009

Doraemon - Anime Review


Nobita is a 4th grade boy who seems to be the main losers. He could not see anything without glasses. He did not seem to have any talent. He's always got a failure to test at school. He was not popular among his friends. Clearly desperate cases, if left to their own devices will eventually lead Nobita future generations down the family's poverty. To avoid this disaster, his great-great-great (etc.) grandson from the future sent a fat blue cat robot (robocat?) Named Doraemon Nobita to help straighten out his life. So, one day Doraemon Nobita came from his desk drawer and he has been a silly boy constant trouble, and friends since then. Doraemon's most extraordinary talents is that he has a 4-dimensional pocket on his stomach from which he can produce all kinds of strange and wonderful futuristic gadget to help Nobita solve problems, and solving problems Nobita is a full-time job ...


Doraemon was created as a manga in 1969-70 by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko. To this day still print manga and anime (and also all kinds of merchandise) can still be seen and purchased in many Southeast Asian countries. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I * love * this anime! I loved it since I was a wee child (and the people who knows me knows how many centuries ago it was). Doraemon what makes the special is a good nature show that never fails to raise a smile and laughter. Doraemon's humor intelligent, fresh and never rude. This is usually based on creative ideas to the writer objects Doraemon fantastic out every episode, the Nobita or one of his friends had somehow always managed to abuse with funny consequences. For example in one episode Nobita wanted to be popular in school, after much pleading and crying Doraemon pulled from his pocket a small tool 4D can produce instant popularity.Once the gadget is set to work, everyone at school likes Nobita immediately. Thus, he got what he wanted to, or so it seemed. Devices, which have their own thoughts, not stop at making Nobita popular at school, it continued to increase in popularity for the ridiculous degree. Eventually he became so popular that he became a national figure and the government announced that Nobita's birthday will be a public holiday from then on. Lack of popularity is that the poor Nobita never get a moment of peace or privacy, so he had to ask for Doraemon to get the gadget to change everything back to the way things were. Some episodes contain a moral lesson about friendship, kindness, etc. but the environment is never a heavy hand, and most of the time just plain weird situation. Characterizing fine, as the light show did not ask for a deep, complex, enigmatic or character. The only violence in the show usually involves a big fat bully named Nobita Giant hit in the head. Doraemon himself is very friendly and I'm sure most of the kids who want to have a friend like him. Too bad that Doraemon was never released in the United States because he anime seems to have appeal across generations, as shown in any of Doraemon became popular. In Japan and in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. regarded as a classic Doraemon. Some critics will say that the work of art is primitive Doraemon. Of course it was not as finely drawn as to people like "Fushigi Yuugi" or "Evangelion", but quite pleasant, and at the end of the day, a very funny adventure Doraemon and his friends go beyond any limitations to create one of the greatest anime ever made.

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